Patients using the following medical electrical equipment cannot perform Cryolipolysis

  1. Implanted cardiac pacemakers, or other implanted electronic devices
  2. Life-sustaining artificial heart-lung machines and other equipment
  3. Portable ECG measurement equipment

The following patients should get clearance from their doctor before performing Cryolipolysis

  1. Patients with acute diseases
  2. Malignancy
  3. Patients with infectious diseases
  4. Patients with fever
  5. Patients receiving treatment or those with a normal body phenomenon
  6. Liver problems
  7. Heart disease
  8. Raynaud’s disease
  9. Severe cold urticaria
  10. Cryoglobulinemia
  11. Cold fiber hypoproteinemia
  12. Severe frostbite
  13. Severe diabetes and the elderly, young children, frail, and those intolerant of cryotherapy
  14. Patients with physiological hypotonic
  15. Individuals with sensitivity to cold skin thermal heat/cold resistance
  16. Patients with silicosis
  17. Intoxicated or high fever patients
  18. Patients with higher severity of mental diseases
  19. Epilepsy patients must proceed with eye covering
  20. Patients with no independent expression of consciousness and cannot take care of themselves
  21. Patients with metal materials in the body, including metal teeth, pregnant women, cachexia, malignant tumor
  22. Severe hypertension patients
  23. Patients with cardiovascular and/or cerebrovascular disease
  24. Patients with renal failure
  25. Women during menstruation
  26. Children
  27. Hemorrhagic disease, or trauma, inflammation, skin disease, skin infection
  28. Patients with numbness and/or no response to cold and heat
  29. Patients with immune system defects, scar formation history, physical disease
  30. Facelift patients
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