Yard Work and Gardening: Alleviate Muscle Pain

If you pride yourself on being a green thumb, you know how muscle pain can interfere with your favorite activity. Planting and tending your garden can please you, even with all the work involved. 


For some people, yard work and gardening can be enjoyable and relaxing. Unfortunately, the activities can lead to pain in the back, spine, and muscles. You can learn more about yard work and gardening and how to alleviate muscle pain.



Stretching and Warming Up



Before you embark on yard work or gardening, you should stretch and warm up. The simple action can make a huge difference in avoiding strains and muscle pain. Stretching and warming up can help keep your spine, back, and neck healthy and balanced. 


You can avoid subluxations through simple exercises. Stretch again after you finish your yard work or gardening. This will help avoid muscle tightness, stiffness, and pain later. 



Watch Your Posture



How you work or move your body can go a long way in preventing muscle pain. Proper form when working outdoors will also help you avoid injury. When gardening or working in the yard, avoid bending at the waist. 


How you bend or lift heavy objects can affect your muscles and spine. Always keep your spine straight while bending at the knees when planting or lifting. Your joints should remain straight as you work. Avoid leaning or twisting at awkward angles. 



Heat and Sun Exposure



Be careful when working outdoors to avoid extreme exposure to heat or sun. Hot temperatures can be very hazardous when gardening. Make sure to wear sun protection when outdoors to avoid sunburn. Wearing a large-brimmed hat is very helpful. 


Avoid working in the garden or yard during the hours when the sun is at its hottest. Ensure you stay hydrated while working and take frequent breaks to avoid overheating. 



Shorter Work Spurts



Yardwork or gardening can be long and strenuous and put extra pressure on the muscles. All the pulling, lifting, and bending can take their toll on the body. As much as you would like to get the work done quickly, you are much safer working in short spurts. 


Try not to do everything in one day and take frequent breaks to avoid overstraining. During the breaks, stretch and relax your joints and muscles before resuming your activities. 



Consult a Chiropractor



To make sure that your muscles are in good shape, it is a good idea to visit a chiropractor. Visiting a chiropractor before the gardening season begins is very helpful. Chiropractic care will help alleviate muscle pain by ensuring that your joints, muscles, and spine are properly aligned. 

Your gardening activities will be much more enjoyable when your body is in great shape. The chiropractor can also recommend the best stretching exercises for you. If you love working outdoors, avoiding aches and pains will help ensure that you enjoy the activities. A chiropractor will guide you on the best way to avoid muscle pain. 


For more on alleviating muscle pain during yard work and gardening, visit Cooper Chiropractic & Wellness Center at our office in New York, New York. You can call (646) 941-5061 today to schedule an appointment.

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