Why Get a Spinal/Postural Screening

Spinal and posture screenings are professional diagnostic processes. They allow a close analysis of the spine and pinpoint the issues. After, they can give the right course of treatment to resolve whatever symptoms you may have.


Importance of Screenings


Spinal/postural screenings help detect neuromusculoskeletal problems. These problems affect the muscles, nerves, and joints. Ideally, a healthy spine should have gentle curves. These curves bring balance to your body and help the spine absorb stress from gravity and body movement. It is the most mechanically efficient structure for anybody's activity.


Poor posture pulls the ribcage, pelvis, and head out of alignment. It also contributes to diseases like arthritis, scoliosis, and sports-related injuries. Screening helps mitigate this before it becomes a problem.


How Do They Work?

The doctor can start by taking your medical and family history. They will perform physical examinations and use imaging tests like X-rays for a close spinal check. There are two components to spinal/postural screenings. These are:


  • Static Analysis


Static analysis involves evaluating your rotation posture, pelvic tilt, and elevation posture. As the doctor evaluates these, he assesses your mobility and confirms if you have any pain.


  • Dynamic Postural Analysis


The dynamic postural analysis evaluates whether you have alignment issues. Most of these are evident when you move, and many people compensate for these deviations as they move. You may favor one leg or have pain in other parts of the body.


The doctor may ask you to raise your hands, stand on one leg, or attempt to push up. As you do these, the doctor will assess your form.


Benefits of Spinal/Postural Screenings


Your spine is the core of your musculoskeletal structure. When it is out of balance, it will cause pain, loss of mobility, and other issues. Having good form and posture will help you perform your daily activities. If you have imbalances, they will cause stress and strain. Spinal/postural screening will help you avoid all these issues by:


  • Early Detection of Spinal Problems


Detecting spinal problems helps the doctor treat them early. It is the best time to deal with them as they will have the best response to the medicine. The process can help you deal with spinal alignment issues you never thought were present.


  • Relieves Pain


Pain may present as dull aches, headaches, or extremity numbness. The screenings help you deal with it before it turns into chronic neck or back pain. Spinal/postural screenings also prevent other injuries that may result in chronic pain.


  • Locate Stress Points


Spinal/postural screenings locate stress points on your spine. It helps with treatment and relieves stress on the spine. It taxes the bones and applies pressure on nerves, resulting in pain and discomfort. Therefore, the screening help to deal with pain and discomfort.


  • Correct Imbalances


The screenings will help correct imbalances in your spinal structure. It allows you to perform your daily activities without strain, improves your range of motion, and makes you strong. It also reduces the chances of unnecessary injuries when your body is in balance.


For more on getting a spinal/postural screening, call Cooper Chiropractic & Wellness Center at (646) 941-5061 to reach our office in New York, New York.

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