The Role of Chiropractic Care in Sports Injury Rehabilitation

The American Chiropractic Association understands the importance of proper sports injury recovery. Good rehabilitation can lead to good tissue healing and better performance. Your chiropractor can help during your rehab. Here are the details you should consider to understand the role of chiropractic care in sports injury rehabilitation.


It Makes You Less Dependent on Pain Relievers

Pain relievers provide quick results, but the medications tend to have side effects. Some of them are even habit-forming. That is why many patients prefer chiropractic care. It is a natural and effective way to reduce pain.

Your chiropractor will use spinal adjustments and tissue manipulation to target the problem areas. Chiropractic care triggers the release of pain-relieving hormones. These hormones fight pain and inflammation. Some patients report not needing pain medications anymore after each session.


It Results in Quicker Healing

Fast healing is necessary for people who play contact sports. Getting back into the game is significant. That is why you must consider chiropractic care. Your chiropractor will perform a spinal alignment to remove pressure on your spinal cord. An aligned spine will allow nutrients and oxygen to reach the injured areas quicker. This will reduce inflammation, ease stiffness, and remove pain.


It Improves the Range of Motion

A sports injury can lead to scars in the damaged areas. This can cause stiffness, preventing you from moving as much as you would like. Chiropractic care can loosen the stiffened parts of your body. It can reduce inflammation and improve your performance in no time. Regular sessions can bring you back to your playing form as soon as possible.


It Prevents Future Injuries

Playing contact sports increases your risk for injuries. Regular sessions with your chiropractor can target the injury-prone areas of your body. Your chiropractor can then suggest exercises and treatments to strengthen the vulnerable areas. This will allow you to be less prone to future injuries. You can make slight adjustments to your workouts so that chiropractic care is effective.


It Improves Stability

Repeated injuries can weaken certain parts of the body. This can make your movements unstable. Regular chiropractic care sessions can repair the tears and overstretching. The stability you gain can prevent irregularities in your performance. It can also prevent more injuries or reinjuries.


It Relieves Numbness or Tingling

A sports injury can put pressure on your nerves. This can bring numbness or tingling in your buttocks, arms, and legs. The sensation adds to the pain you already feel. Your chiropractor can relieve the pressure through chiropractic treatments.


It Eases Spasms

Some injuries result in frequent muscle spasms long after the injury. This causes a significant delay in your complete healing. Your chiropractor can provide treatments like massage to reduce the pain and tightness in your muscles. This then eases spasms.

Working with your chiropractor can help you recover faster from your sports injuries. At Cooper Chiropractic & Wellness Center, we help our patients regain their performance naturally. Please visit our center in New York, NY, for an in-person consultation. Call us at 646-941-5061 to set an appointment or ask about our sports injury rehabilitation packages.

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