New Year New You: Align Your Spine Today

New Year New You: Align Your Spine Today



One of the most common reasons people see their doctors is pain in their bodies. The pain could be radiating from the back, neck, and shoulder. The answer could lie in spinal adjustments. The best way to get spinal adjustment is through chiropractic care. It is a complementary form of medicine that uses a hands-on approach to adjust your spine and align it.



Why Get Chiropractic Care?



There are many benefits of getting chiropractic care. The top one is that it leaves you feeling new. It will rejuvenate and refresh you. It will also deal with dull aches and pains and restore your posture. It will give a fresh perspective to the phrase, “New Year, new you.” So what are the benefits of getting chiropractic care and aligning your spine?



It Improves Back Pain



When you align your spine through chiropractic care, it will deal with bulging discs that cause back pain. The adjustments realign the discs, creating a vacuum that allows them to slip back into position. It eliminates the need for invasive and expensive surgery. Chiropractic care should be the first stop for anyone with back pain. They should try it even before contemplating surgery.



Eliminates the Need for Medication



Some of the medications people take for the pain in their bodies can be addictive. Going through chiropractic treatment may lower your need for them. As the sessions continue, you will realize that you are less and less reliant on them.



Eases Neck Pain



Neck pain is a common problem in people who sit for long periods. It is also a problem for people who frequently bend to answer their phones. It may result in poor posture. Adjustment of the cervical spine will sort this issue.


Studies have found that 12 weeks of spinal adjustments and manipulation is more effective than taking medication. Aligning your spine is an effective treatment for whiplash, neck pain, back pain, and even migraine headaches.



Eases Headaches



Misalignment of your spine may be causing headaches that originate from your spine and tension headaches. Research shows six to eight sessions of upper thoracic and cervical spine alignment is effective. Spinal alignment is more effective than exercise in relieving chronic headaches.



Improves Your Posture



If you have poor posture, try chiropractic care this year. You will leave the sessions feeling like new. You will notice significant improvement after some sessions. Also, you will realize that it will reduce or resolve any pain you are experiencing.



Enhances Your Athletic Performance



Aligning your spine through chiropractic care will improve your athletic performance. It will improve your balance and your range of motion. Better balance means you are less likely to fall and get injuries. You will also have better stability in play. A better range of motion means less tissue restriction and more joint mobility. It allows you to run faster, throw balls, and even hit harder.



Better Flow of Blood and Nutrients



Aligning your spine removes restrictions on blood vessels and nerves. Blood and nutrients can flow easily and faster. It relieves discomfort and pain. It also helps nutrients get to other parts of the body. Oxygen flows through the body faster, giving you more energy. The combination of all these will leave you feeling as good as new.


For more information on aligning your spine, visit Cooper Chiropractic & Wellness Center at our office in New York, New York. You can also call (646) 941-5061 to book an appointment today.

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