5 Common Winter Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Winter comes with many extreme weather conditions like freezing rain, strong winds, and drifting snow. The weather makes it difficult to perform normal daily activities. Also, during this time, many people are prone to injuries from myriad accidents. It is possible to avoid some of these injuries by practicing a few tips.


Head and Shoulder Injuries

Head and shoulder injuries during winter usually occur as a result of slipping and falling on ice. You can hit your head on the pavement or dislocate your shoulder when you hit the frozen ground. Hitting your head on the pavement can cause grave brain injury.

Similarly, an injury to your shoulder can lead to long-term painful consequences. Such injuries can be very severe for senior citizens who are above the age of 65. To avoid such injuries, you need to be careful when walking. Walk around in short slow strides and use handrails where available.


Back and Neck Injuries

These injuries can occur for several reasons. The most common is when shoveling snow or a serious fall. Shoveling snow involves repetitive leaning and bending motions. These can lead to soreness and stiffness of your back and neck muscles.

To avoid such injuries, physicians recommend that you do some warm-up exercises before shoveling. Also, do some stretching and short walks to warm yourself up. Alternatively, hire a snow removal service or ask for help from a friend, neighbor, or relative.



Frostbite can occur in various degrees depending on the temperature of the day. It affects areas in the extremities of your body. These include your hands, feet, fingers, ears, toes, and nose. There are three degrees of frostbite, the worst being deep frostbite.

To protect yourself from frostbite, cover your extremities with appropriate clothing. If you are doing outdoor activities, dress in moisture-wicking socks. Hydrate as often as you can and avoid taking any alcoholic beverage.


Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

During the winter, you may decide to stay close to the furnace or fireplace. What some may not know is that these open flames produce carbon monoxide. It is a colorless, odorless gas that is fatal if you are in a place without ample ventilation.

One way to avoid this accident is to install carbon monoxide detectors. Also, move your car to an open area when warming it during winter. As a caution, avoid using portable heating devices indoors in case of a power blackout.


Wrist Fractures

This injury occurs when you try to stop a fall by stretching out your hand. The injury is painful as you may break the many bones in the forearm and wrist. Treatment at a hospital may involve a cast, splint, or surgery, depending on the injury.

Preventing this form of injury involves some lifestyle changes. You need to strengthen your muscles and bones through exercise. Eating well is a plus. Your diet should consist of foods rich in vitamin D and calcium. Take regular walks to stimulate blood flow and quit smoking tobacco if you are a smoker.

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